Kenmare, Kerry, Ireland

All Natural … The Way It Should Be

We founded Irish Furniture Wax with one goal in mind:
Providing a high-quality, all natural Irish made furniture finishing wax. 

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning. By using traditional recipes gathered from 19th Century furniture makers which we refined to create the ultimate range of furniture finishing waxes.

Hand made in Co. Kerry,  from sustainably sourced animal products.

Beeswax and Shellac wax are both bi products in which the insect produces and importantly does not harm the animal.

Our waxes are easy to use, build up fast and creates a beautifully even deep lustre. The sweet natural aroma from our waxes is another key selling point, and adds to the overall enjoyable experience associated while using our products.

Excellent for both antique furniture and ‘new’ furniture, our waxes will not react with any previous polishes and will only serve to enhance and protect your beloved pieces, giving them a new lease of life and a fresh natural scent. 

Beeswax is a waxy substance produced by honeybees and is the building blocks of their hives. When honey is harvested, raw beeswax must first be scraped off the beehive. This beeswax once refined & cleaned can then be used in many forms including as a key ingredient in our furniture wax. 

Shellac comes from the natural secretions of the female lac insect. The wax is a bi product from the creation of  French polish and its refinement processes.